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Rupanjana De is an avid speaker and covers a variety of topics. She has been a trainer of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at various PSUs across India, a trainer of Foreign Trade Policy at the Indian Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers Association (IEEMA) and of Business Ethics and Corporate Sustainability to budding professionals at various institutes including the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. She is a regular speaker at various schools and colleges, institutes and corporate programmes wherein she trains young minds on various current issues. While her most favourite and frequent topics remain CSR, Women Empowerment, Entrepreneurship and Company Law, she  also  often  deliberates  on  topics like Interview Techniques,

Company Law

A number of conferences, study groups and training sessions are organised across the nation on various provisions of company law which Ms De enlightens with her specialised hands-on experiences.

Women Empowerment

Being a strong believer in gender equality, Ms De provides her useful insight on women’s liberty at women centric programmes organised across the nation.

Business Ethics

At Management Skills Oriented Programmes (MSOP) conducted by ICSI and other grooming sessions for budding professionals, Ms De regularly trains this subject.

Corporate Sustainability

At MSOPs of ICSI, and other grooming sessions for budding professionals, Ms De is a regular in training this subject, with a unique way of inculcating the knowledge through interactive games.


Starting from PSUs to conferences, NGOs, and other companies, Ms De provides training on CSR, one of her specialised fields.


She frequently addresses programmes on entrepreneurship that focus on women entrepreneurs as well as important strategies on how to make it big as an entrepreneur, especially for women, having a background on entrepreneurship herself.



Communication Skills, Foreign Trade Policy, Corporate Governance, Economic Analysis of Law, Common Law vs. Civil Law, various Motivational topics and current topics like Demonetisation.

Apart from the above, she trains Foreign Trade Policy, Interview Techniques, Communication Skills, Motivational talks, Corporate Governance, Economic Analysis of Law, Common Law vs. Civil Law and many other fields in the corporate world at various fora across school, colleges and other institutes.

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