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101 Keyboard Shortcuts to save time and increase productivity

Technology, if properly used, is a great boon for mankind. It can improve productivity through time-saving tools. Being an avid writer, knowing some keyboard shortcuts has always helped me in saving time. Today, I want to share some of these tools for all my readers that will help you do common tasks with just a few key strokes. For those who use Windows regularly, the shortcuts mentioned in this article will be very useful in saving time and increasing productivity. While some of these shortcuts are quite well-known already, majority of them will be new to most readers. Interestingly, they always existed in Windows, just that we didn’t quite explore them. Navigating them will make excelling in Windows just a cakewalk.

All keyboard shortcuts require the users to press two or more keys together or in a specific order. For instance, to ‘undo’ a text, the shortcut is Ctrl + Z and the two keys Ctrl (Control) and Z are to be pressed in that order, i.e. press and hold the Ctrl key, then press the X key, and then release. Most shortcuts come with the keys Ctrl (Control), Fn (Function), Windows or Alt (Alternate). These four buttons are placed at the bottom-left corner of the keyboard, left of the space bar.

The following is a table of some keyboard shortcuts:

Summing up

Thanks to advancement in technology most of us professionals are on our computers more than ever, with heavier workloads and lesser time. Saving time and increasing productivity per unit of time is very important. To a large extent, keyboard shortcuts can make this a reality. These shortcuts make creating documents on computer or laptops very much easy, however, to avail that facility, it is important to memorize all these and get into the habit of using these keyboard shortcuts regularly.


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